A Short Story

Author 10I’ve written my first short story and decided to revisit the world from my debut novel, Autumnal Dancer. The process was so much easier in short story version, except I felt like the polishing took so much longer.

Is this backwards? Maybe. The easy part was getting the story wrapped up in the outlined word count. I knew what I wanted to happen, who I wanted to end up where. What was much harder than I imagined were the details and deciding exactly how much the reader needed to know. How much backstory from the first book should I give? How dynamic should the characters be? Should their growth take place before we meet up with them again, during the short story, or both? Exactly how much should I want a reader to see and how much do I want to be inferred?

What I got in the end was something I am very proud of. To take a look you can click here.


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