Announcing Circuits and Slippers


I’ve been waiting and waiting to announce my inclusion in the anthology Circuits and Slippers coming in September of 2016. Now that editor and author herself Jaylee James has blogged the names of the authors whose stories were chosen and included me it’s social media official! Thank you. Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity and for giving “The Last” a chance to shine next to the work of so many great writers. Rewriting Rapunzel’s story to reflect what I think is her true badass persona was something I enjoyed immensely.

I checked Submittable every day waiting for this acceptance. Sometimes, I think we tend not to realize how much waiting goes into writing. There’s a lot of action; the researching, actual writing, editing, even brainstorming. There’s also so much more waiting than that though. A story might get written in a week and submitted to an editor. Four, five, even six months later (and after daily checks to the submission dashboard) a simple form rejection letter can be emailed. This is not a rant against form letters. They’re necessary in a world where writers from around the globe, 24 hours a day, from any walk of life can submit work for review. And all those things are great. I’ve submitted to international publications, submitted at ungodly hours of the night when I’ve finally worked a piece to a place where I’m happy with it, and certainly am not a full time author by any means. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to have my work considered by any industry professional.

Still, I feel like the waiting never gets easier. The form rejection letters never feel good to open (sometimes, when the preview shows that this will, in fact, be a rejection I purposely leave it unopened for a couple of days in my inbox). Yet, the acceptances like mine for Circuits and Slippers are the ultimate high. They make the months of waiting and the bitten nails in anticipation worth it.

I can’t wait for you to see what the anthology has in store!

One thought on “Announcing Circuits and Slippers

  1. Haha I’m sorry for making you wait so long! There’s a lot of waiting that happens on this side of the process as well. Waiting for submissions to arrive, waiting for submissions to close before you make your final decisions, waiting to tell people how much you loved their piece because you want to deliver all acceptances at the same time… etc. Writing and publishing is a slow, slow process. 🙂 Glad to have you in the anthology!

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