A New Look

It’s been time for a while, but life has gotten in the way. You know how that goes. Two babies to take care of. A house. A husband. So many books to read (which I’ll get to later). The inner turmoil over whether or not to buy the new Harry Potter book/script because 1) Hello! There’s a new story in the series but 2) Am I ready to face the fact that Harry is a father of three in his thirties? Yikes, aging Harry means aging me.

However, I bit the bullet and did it. I reworked the cover art for Autumnal Dancer and An Uncertain Proposal so that they relate to each other as they should. Autumnal Dancer, my debut novel, has needed a facelift for a while. I wanted something that really reflected the tone of the book: magical; feminine; earthy. I think I finally have that. Actually, I think it’s my favorite cover so far. If you haven’t checked out the stories I invite you to do so.

So, while biting my nails over the Cursed Child indecision (Should I see it as a play? I bet it’s so much more engaging as a play. Who am I kidding? There’s no London for me right now!) I’ve been rereading a book I read once and loved. I don’t talk much about other authors’ work for several reasons, the two main ones being that I’m focused on promoting my own stories and I know how much work and heart goes into making a book. Yet, I’m going to note that even after the second reading I’m so enchanted by Amy Bai’s Sword. The main character, Kyali, feels so raw and real. You read her, your heart breaks, and there’s something bitter and sweet and beautiful about the way she’s written. For me the draw of Kyali is that you believe her. You believe her struggle. And Kyali, while she is victimized, is never a victim. I’m a sucker for a strong female lead, one who faces challenges with intelligence, emotional bravery, and strategy. Sword checks all of those boxes.

Lastly, in other cover related news, Circuits and Slippers now has cover art as well! I remain so excited to be part of this anthology and, moreover, part of turning princesses like Rapunzel and Belle into the strategic, brave modern women they were meant to be. Kyalis all around! Coming your way soon…

An Uncertain2Circuits&SlippersCover Option




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