Another riff on a classic

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Kung Fu Cinderella

They never say this,
but it’s true,
it was raining the first time I saw you.
Handsome, tall, smelling of expensive Cologne,
I knew then, if not you, I would be alone.

My blue dress did its job
to cover a matching blue bruise.
I simply had nothing to lose.
My gloves were long and white as snow
to hide the dirt beneath my nails, which I could not forgo.

The rain is important,
a detail to dear to erase,
and this time it should have its place.
For if I did not slip in glass slippers so suddenly,
among all those better dressed women you’d not have noticed me.

And I said that I would be fine,
“I am quite resilient, if you really must know.”
You quickly stood me back on my feet just so.
“I didn’t require heroics, but still I thank you.”
You leaned in, “Few subjects speak in language so true.”

Later you found me
stuffing my face by a table.
Food was scarce for me then, so I ate whenever able.
You turned me about the dance floor so smooth,
and became later thankful for my reflexes to prove

that an upbringing of hard work and strength
was just what your queen would need.
When that mercenary attacked from behind to cause you to bleed,
I defended you in the moment because you were such a dream.
I saw then your watching guards were not the best team.

You proposed right then and there.
“For the hand of a beauty with honest words and sensibilities so mighty.“
Though your mother and father had hoped for something more fragile (and flighty),
When asked my advice as I stroll through the town,
“A good lady knows how to take a political assassin down.”

-Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney



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