Writers block? Here are some tips…


I want to thank One Stop Fiction for posting my article on their blog for authors!

“Managing Writer’s Block

by Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney

It happened. It happens to all of us who live to write and write to live. It’s still rather dreadful. The feared writer’s block, enemy of progress, killer of page count, destroyer of dreams.

Short Stories and Writer’s Block

Okay, okay, that’s dramatic. As you can see, I am not currently experiencing a lack of words or theatrics. However, this has certainly happened to me and is bound to happen again. This is especially so since lately I’ve been focusing on short stories, either publishing them myself as freebies, giving them away on my blog, or entering them into anthologies. This means every few days I start a story, then am right in the middle of one, or am wrapping one up. They can go pretty quickly.

Eliminating Writer’s Block by Building on Other Stories

I had a story published this year in Circuits and Slippers, a fairytale anthology…”

To see the rest click here.


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