A tee for you, a tee for me

Lately, I’ve been so wrapped up in ghostwriting I’ve had neither the time nor patience to worry about branding my own projects. I imagine them (forgive me for my conceptualizing) drifting out there, all alone, bored and lonely in the ether that is the internet. Again, I’ve been writing a lot lately trying to meet deadlines and build word count. I’m wordy today. I know it.

So, in an effort to put my focus back on Asha in Time, Autumnal Dancer, An Uncertain Proposal, and some of my other short stories I’ve devised a line of comfortable tees featuring some of my favorite quotes from them. They’re all set to be featured in a fashion ‘zine soon, but I wanted to give my blog followers the first chance to snap them up.

I’ve also spoken with Pipe and Thimble Bookstore who (as soon as I get around to it) will be selling my novels and children’s books. If you haven’t heard of them I encourage you to take a look, especially if you live in or are visiting California any time soon. They’re a groundbreaking indie only bookstore. They feature self-pub authors alongside small press offers. So many times when I hear the word indie I pause because so often indie is just another way of saying a niche publisher or market that is still far out of reach for most truly independent writers. Pipe and Thimble is honestly, authentically indie strong. The bookstore is run by nice people giving other creatives a place to display their work and meet with fans. Whether or not you check them out for my books, check them out. We need more stores like this one.

See the tees below!


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