Updating my author bio…aka who am I?


My next book is due out later this week! I’m thrilled, mostly because I think the writing and world in general represents me as an author. It’s gritty and violent, there’s gladiatorial bouts and training with weapons like the Indian katars and Japanese throwing stars, and kickass heroines who never stay down when they stumble or are pushed. And yes, despite the blood and soldiering, there’s a central, desperate love story. You know me. I always think love should win the day.

In preparation for the release, which is currently garnering advanced reviews, I decided I needed to update my Amazon author page. Then came the hard part, the always hard part. What do you say in a biography? Do you make it funny? Serious, so that it reads like a resume? Do you mention your past works or in what part of the country you reside? And, at a less existential level, do you speak in the first or third person?

I wrote three versions of the bio, and eventually settled on a short invitation to visit this blog to read more about me, my books, and what’s coming up. I mentioned my daughters, not by name but by calling them my personal Amazonian army. I mean, that’s true. They have a marked obsession with Wonder Woman, so the other day I let them watch the first fifteen minutes of her live action movie (the part where she’s a little girl on Themyscira). For a week my oldest said to me, whenever I told her to shelve a toy weapon or stop badgering her sister, “C’mon Mom, just a shield. No sharp edges!” and the little one went around screaming, “Diana! I see you!’ So…Amazonian army. A very chaotic, undisciplined alternative.

There’s so much I could and want to mention in my biography. There’s my husband, who supports and encourages my work. There are my parents who read me bedtime stories and didn’t try to stop me from toting around notebooks filled with poetry in elementary school. There are the years I sunk into Asha in Time and An Uncertain Proposal, precious time that’s still valuable to me.

What I’ve decided, though, is at the end of the day I’m just…me. Come visit this blog. Let’s share ideas and talk. More than anything, I love a good story.


mandy.jpgMandy is the author of Asha in Time, a historical fiction book written from Ramses the Great’s much maligned childhood sweetheart’s point of view. She’s also written feminist children’s books When We Named You, Baby Girl and Hop Along Princess.


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