Cover Reveal

And here it is, a complete box set of books 1-3! Read below to get an idea what the series is about.


You’ve seen the shows, heard the predictions, and wondered what you would do. However, when aliens discovered Earth it was the worst version of anything you, or young Valentina, once a hopeful Olympian gymnast, could imagine. She was determined to survive. After her introduction to Ward, the alien responsible for her training and assimilation, Valentina realized that to endure she was going to have to find a part of herself she’d never before explored, a part that was violent, cold, and able to kill on command. Those attributes described Ward to a T, a bloodthirsty wolf shifter who saw the world through eyes conceited by his own dominance. Valentina had to live in his house, play by his rules, and somehow trust him to teach her how to come out of her gladiatorial battle alive. Valentina went through so much. Did she have the fight left in her to take on the arena and Ward?

The book will be live on Amazon later this week.

mandyMandy is the author of one time Amazon best seller in the historical fiction genre Asha in Time. Her paranormal romances Autumnal Dancer and An Uncertain Proposal are also for sale on the platform.


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